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We have trained to gain a wide experience of working with children with SEN. We have the skills to identify any children who may need additional support and supported this with in house strategies.

In our setting we carry out:

  • Multi-Sensory / active Song Time

  • Playing and Learning to Socialise Program (PALS)

  • Attention & Listening groups.

  • Speech and Language groups.

  • Lets talk together groups (LTT)

  • Speech and Language screening 

Please contact us and discuss your child's needs and requirements so we can assist you with our current skills that we have to support your child in the setting.


We ensure all staff that are not SENCO trained have a clear knowledge/understanding of all SEN matters.


The environment is all based on one floor which allows wheelchair access throughout the setting. Toilets accessible to all and if needed we have a large disabled toilet to access in the building.

Although we are an opened plan setting and don't have any limitations in regards to access, please come and visit us before hand so we can make any necessary reasonable adjustments to support your child's care.

Activities to do at home

(please click on activity you would like to see)

Communication & Language

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Physical Development


Play Activities

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