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Curriculum & Learning

At Dolphins we aim to deliver  positive learning outcomes through play experiences for all children. We have the nursery setup to ensure that the Early Years Framework can be delivered in all areas, so we can support their learning and meet their specific individual needs.

We have a very detailed learning curriculum which is based on 3 prime areas and 4 specific areas of learning as outlined by the DFEE's Early Years Foundation Stage.

The areas of learning are as follows:




At Dolphins we learn a lot through play and encourage the children to support their play by self selecting there own activities. At Dolphins we encourage outside physical play and to this we ensure we have a wide variety of resources and equipment. We observe and log children's development to ensure they are developing at the correct age and plan next steps for daily progression. 

We welcome all families and trained specialist staff to support children with additional needs.

Extra small group activities we carry out to help support children of all abilities and ages

- EAL group - supports children with English as an additional language.

- Language groups - to develop language of all children.

- Letters and sounds - Children to recognise basic phases of sounds.

- Enhanced activity group - To develop skills on turn taking, listening to others and thinking critically.

- Forest School - Focuses on giving children a positive mental well being, taking a risk, engaging in        new experiences and learning by trial and error.

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